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Schools Ministry

GCS are passionate to reach young people with the Gospel right across the world. Our ministry teams serve in schools and colleges in more than 100 nations to help every young person discover the difference Jesus can make to the challenges and adventures of life. We have seen many lives changed and school communities impacted by the witness of faithful Christians sharing the Gospel with their local schools.

GCS are committed to taking the Gospel to all young people and always seek to do so with urgency, using the most culturally acceptable means. We are further committed to provide a ministry of discipleship for each new believer, and to work in partnership with others who desire to accomplish the same mission. Raising up lifelong followers of Jesus who are characterised by godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, boldness in evangelism, and commitment to social involvement.

Throughout the year and across the age groups, there are many opportunities to connect with schools that will enable children and young people to explore the Christian faith. GCS use a variety of projects, initiatives, and programmes to create great links with local schools such as Assemblies, Curriculum events, Seasonal events, and Chaplaincy support. One of our most effective methods is Author visits.

Author Visits

A visit from an author to a school can be an immensely rewarding experience for all involved. GCS have an excellent selection of authors and speakers, who never fail to keep audiences spellbound. School visits are often arranged as part of a World Book Day, book fair, book week, summer school programme or residency, as well as literary festivals, writing projects and one-off events. 

Our lectures are always tailored to the specific age requirements of the students and compliment the school’s responsibility to provide (PHSE) Personal Social Health Education & Citizenship, English, Philosophy and Religious Studies.  Here is a summary of the topics that our keynote speakers can touch on in their presentations, depending on the age of audience that they address (in accordance with the PSHE Association Programme of Study for Key Stage 3 & 4):


Identity, Self-worth, and Self-esteem, Emotional/Mental Health, Relationships, Race, Culture, Ability, Anti-bullying, Core Values, Choices, and Aspirations.


A contemporary autobiographical novel will not only engage students but also greatly encourage them to develop an appreciation and love of reading as well as build on their knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and ability to write creatively.  


World Religions; The concept of God; Impact of religious beliefs on individuals; The reasons for commitment; Ethical issues; Interpreting religious expression.

Subjects that impact the lives of everyone, everywhere.

We keep our lessons and lectures fun and clear, teaching students about values and encouraging respect for different national, religious, and ethnic identities, and develop their ability to reflect on issues and take part in discussions. Using real life stories is a wonderful way to connect with students, giving them the chance to identify with situations they may be going through themselves.  

We endeavour to provide free books to the school library. 

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