Charlene Abrahams – Evangelist, Mission Leader

Charlene Abrahams is a South African born evangelist with a burning heart for the spread and proclamation of the Gospel.

Charlene and her two siblings had a stable upbringing in Cape Town. Raised by a loving Christian family she attended church regularly but had not made a faith commitment of her own.

In her mid-twenties, Charlene’s life came crashing down when she became a victim to heinous sexual and satanic ritual abuse. Fear and anger dominated Charlene’s life, and after two failed suicide attempts she set out to take her revenge. With no desire to live, it was at this point that Charlene had a powerful encounter with the living God. Charlene’s testimony is truly an extraordinary one of a broken woman made whole.


Today Charlene Abrahams is the vice president of the Great Commission Society, Italy. A gifted evangelist and mission leader who seeks to boldly challenge countless numbers of people to respond to God’s boundless love. She has a burning concern for the spread of the Gospel, coupled with a contagious passion to equip others to do the same. Charlene and her husband Fabian live in Italy and they have two daughters.



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