Board of Directors


Tony Anthony / Chairman, Executive Director / Co-Founder

Tony Anthony is a British born Christian evangelist, bestselling author, international speaker and mission leader who seeks to boldly challenge countless numbers of people all over the world to respond to God’s boundless love.  He has a burning concern for the proclamation and spread of the Gospel, coupled with a contagious passion to equip others to do the same.

Tony gave his life to Christ in Nicosia Central Prison, Cyprus in 1991 through the faithful ministry of a Northern Irish missionary, Michael Wright. Today, Tony addresses many thousands of people every year, speaking wherever he is given the opportunity – including in prisons, schools, universities, concerts, indoor and outdoor rallies, radio and television broadcasts. He has gone on to write other books, as well as develop an extensive teaching curriculum designed to equip people to reach out to the lost, helpless, hurting and oppressed. Tony and his wife Sara live in South East England and they have two sons, Ethan and Jacob.

Ray Duckworth / Executive Director

Ray Duckworth retired in 2016 after serving for 30 years in both the public and private prison service. During the course of his career, Ray has served as a Senior Manager for 19 years, holding the positions of ‘Assistant Director’ and ‘Director’ at a number of high capacity male category A and B prisons. Since giving his life to Christ in 2004, Ray has felt a fervent desire to serve God as much as possible.  He has gone on to support and establish different prison ministries, providing life coaching and therapeutic support to Christian ex-offenders who have left prison and are trying to stay clean of drugs or crime.  Ray and his wife Claire look after children between the ages of 16 and 18 who are leaving the care system, providing therapeutic support to help them learn how to live independently. They have adopted and fostered for 6 years, and currently have seven children.

David Raby / Executive Director

David grew up as an atheist, confident that religion was irrelevant. Although he attended a Church of England school, all sciences were taught from an evolutionary perspective, which reject the concept of God. David could not find satisfactory answers to question about the origins and meaning of life from either science or religion, and therefore had no reason to believe in God. In 1978, David read a Gospel article that challenged his confident world-view, causing him to investigate the claims of Jesus Christ. David was surprised to learn that Jesus did not come into the world to make “bad” people “good and religious”, but instead to rescue people from their sins and to give eternal life to those who would receive Him in faith and repentance. David was convicted to act upon this knowledge, and has gone on to live out his faith for over three decades, and he has continued to passionately share his faith with others. David has a deep interest in sharing the gospel and apologetics, and has been actively involved in public teaching and evangelistic ministry for the last 20 years. He has over 30 years of experience working within a local authority building and consultancy environment. For recreation, he likes to go walking in the Cumbrian mountains of the Lake District. David and his wife Jeanette live in Chorley, Lancashire, and they have 3 children, Anna, Simeon and Abigail.

Andrew Betts-Brown / Executive Director

Andrew Betts-Brown is a retired ‘National Health Service’ General Practitioner. Giving his life to Christ in 1962 and after receiving a strong calling from God, he later went on to study medicine at Oxford. Andrew has practiced his medical career in General Practice, hospitals, hospices and palliative care units across the United Kingdom for more than four decades. He believes that ‘true healing’ can only be complete when both physical and spiritual needs are addressed together, as in Jesus’ own earthly ministry. Andrew is a passionate ‘one-to-one’ evangelist, with a deep desire to see every Christian spread the Gospel though their own individual gifts and through every opportunity that God presents. In addition to his current role as Director, he also chairs a Christian charity working in Latin America, and is involved in a wide range of evangelistic outreach and ministry in his local area. Andrew has two sons with severe learning difficulties, and is married to Avril.

Martin Maze / Executive Director

Despite being raised in a Christian family that taught him the Gospel, Martin remembers from a young age having an inbuilt disposition against Christianity. The culture of hatred and violence in Belfast in the 70’s, coupled with being taught evolution at school made the Christian message of “love and kindness” seem weak and unappealing. Martin greatly enjoyed the adulation and respect earned from his achievements in sport, leaving him to feel ashamed of his familial association with Christianity. One Sunday evening, Martin attended a Gospel Service in order to appease his parents, and it was here where Martin was powerfully convicted of sin, righteousness and judgement. Overwhelmed by the realisation that God’s Son willing sacrificed His own life in place of ours, Martin literally cried out to God for forgiveness. Ever since that moment Martin has loved hearing and spreading the Gospel, and doing everything he can to support others in doing the same. Martin and his wife Jane live in Northern Ireland, and they have 3 children, Ryan, Lauren and Cameron.

Richard Smart / Executive Director

Richard Smart gave his life to Christ at a church meeting in 1977, and went on to serve God in a variety of ways through the local church. Throughout his life, Richard has worked for the accountancy and finance sector. After meeting his future wife Corrol, a missionary from Hong Kong in 1993, Richard had a major turning point in his life where he developed a deep passion to share the word of God with others. Richard has a particular passion for peoples spiritual and physical needs, and has been ministering in Uganda for many years, distributing Christian literature, providing sound Bible teaching and developing a variety of humanitarian project to help fight poverty. Richard and Corrol have two children, Jacob and Anna.





Ian Bruce / Co-Founder / Honorary Director

Ian Bruce gave his life to Christ in 1960, and later went on to study at the ‘Bible Training Institute’ in Glasgow. Over more than four decades of service, he has held a variety of positions, in a variety of sectors from banking to being a representative with the National Children’s Home and supporting the disabled. Ian has been widowed since 2008 after being married for 44 years, and has a son and a married daughter. Ian has a great passion for the word of God, and has a great burden in his heart to see the great commission fulfilled. With a great love for music together with his family, Ian has ministered to congregations for many years.

Laura Barnett / Co-Founder

Laura Barnett is co-founder of the Great Commission Society in the United Kingdom. Raised in a Christian home, Laura was fortunate enough to give her life to Christ at an early age.   She has been blessed to know the sustaining power of God all through her life and is passionate to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread to every ‘tongue, tribe and nation.’ She lives in Scotland where she works for a major Social Care charity. Laura has been involved in music ever since she was a little girl, and has ministered in song at a variety of music festivals, conferences, churches and other venues for many years. Laura is married to Trevor.







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