Tony Anthony – Evangelist, Mission Leader, Author, CEO & Co-Founder of GCS

Tony Anthony is a British born Christian evangelist, bestselling author, international speaker and mission leader who seeks to boldly challenge countless numbers of people all over the world to respond to God’s boundless love. 

He has a burning concern for the proclamation and spread of the Gospel, coupled with a contagious passion to equip others to do the same.

Tony gave his life to Christ in Nicosia Central Prison, Cyprus in 1991 through the faithful ministry of a Northern Irish missionary, Michael Wright.

Today, Tony addresses many thousands of people every year, speaking wherever he is given the opportunity – including in prisons, schools, universities, concerts, indoor and outdoor rallies, radio and television broadcasts.

He has gone on to write other books, as well as develop an extensive teaching curriculum designed to equip people to reach out to the lost, helpless, hurting and oppressed. Tony and his wife Sara live in South East England and they have two sons, Ethan and Jacob.


Published work: Taming the Tiger, Revised Edition

Description of Taming the Tiger:

Tony Anthony knew no fear. Three-times World Kung Fu Champion, he was self-assured, powerful and at the pinnacle of his art. An extraordinary career awaited him. Working in the higher echelons of close protection security, he travelled the globe, guarding some of the world’s wealthiest, most powerful and influential people.

This fast-paced, compelling and, at times, chilling account is Tony’s deeply moving true story. More extraordinary than fantasy, more remarkable than fiction, this blockbusting read almost defied belief. With fascinating insight into China’s martial arts and the knife-edge adrenaline highs of the bodyguard lifestyle, it documents the personal tragedy that turned a ‘disciple of enlightenment’ into a bloodthirsty violent man.

From the depths of hell in Cyprus’s notorious Nicosia Central Prison, all might have been lost, but for the visits of a stranger…

Further works include: Cry of the Tiger; Passion; Engage (Due for release on 20th June 2018)

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