South Africa Mission

A short film covering the aims and techniques of GCS missionaries serving in South Africa. Taking the Gospel to communities where Jesus Christ is least known.



Please pray the GCS team (CEO, Tony Anthony; Evangelist, Neil Obbard; Videographer, Thom Law) as they head across to South Africa to join our GCS South Africa team to start a strategic evangelistic campaign.

We will have a jam-packed schedule of back-to-back meetings in Johannesburg and Pretoria where we will be preaching the Gospel in prisons, schools, squatter-camps, open air services, youth rallies, community events and churches. We hit the ground running soon after landing with our first mission in Johannesburg Prison, followed by a secondary school presentation in Soweto, and a community outreach mission.

Please pray for the team to have physical stamina, spiritual focus and Gospel accuracy. Pray that many people will be impacted by the Gospel, and that Christians would be equipped and mobilised for personal evangelism. Please also pray for the family and loved ones of the team in the UK as they support this mission from home.


Grateful to Ashley and Edward for collecting the GCS UK team from Johannesburg airport this morning. We made our way directly to Johannesburg Prison where we teamed up with our South African partners (headed up by Pastor Willy Dengler) to share testimonies and the Gospel with the inmates on the field of Medium B Prison. We were thrilled to see so many respond to the Gospel and subscribe to the Biblical Discipleship Course.

We then shared the Gospel with the students at Meadowlands Secondary School in Soweto, which is a major township in the City of Johannesburg. Its name ‘Soweti’ is an English syllabic abbreviation for South Western Townships. Once again it was a tremendous honour to see students impacted by the message and showing an genuine interest to respond in the call to repentance.

Please pray for the seeds sown today, for lives to be changed, and for communities to be impacted. Pray also for the team to have sufficient rest this evening in preparation for an early start tomorrow morning where we will be preaching in prisons, schools and squatter camps.


Truly a joy to visit the inmates at Leeuwkop Medium C Prison this morning where we were able to do an open-air meeting in one of the main courtyards. This enabled us to not only share the Gospel with the Christian inmates, but also the general prison population. There were hundreds of men listening from the cells, while playing board games, washing their clothes, and sitting outside during their open period.

The team has then split into two groups, where Neil, Edward, Rosie and the team stayed on at the prison to continue a time of sharing testimony and ministry. Meanwhile, Ashley, Willy, Thom and I made our way across to Langlaagte Tech High School to start another Gospel presentation. Where we were able to share the Gospel with the upper age forms of students.

“Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.” (Hebrews 13:3)

Humbled and heart broken to visit the Zamimpilo squatter camp in the south of Johannesburg this afternoon. Its Zulu name loosely translates into ‘try to make means’ or ‘endeavour to survive’, and this is literally what people are trying to do here. Land, water, and air pollution are all present within the camp and the health of residents are at high risk.

Our team had the opportunity to share the Gospel with many people one-to-one, we gave out a lot of evangelistic resources, and as part of the weekly feeding program provided food to about 500 people. So many young children were lining up with small plastic containers to be filled up with food, and one man called Sean, who we had shared the Gospel with earlier, only had a piece of cardboard as he didn’t have a plate.

Please join us in praying for this community of people.


Honoured to minister today to the officials at Leeuwkop Prison. This was a short but meaningful presentation, where I had the opportunity to share testimony and the Gospel. Christ came to deliver not only captives but their guards, and it was a joy to see so many guards responding to the Gospel message.

After the meeting we had the chance to minister one-to-one to the guards. So many of these people shared many challenging personal issues that they face, and our team had the opportunity to pray for them. We also had the chance to share the Gospel again and lead some through a prayer of salvation.

There were several guards who remembered reading my book, and who had been encouraged in their faith. It was a thrill to see them going on with the Lord Jesus!

Please pray for the seeds sown and lives changed.

Neil Obbard and Tony Anthony provided a short practical evangelism training course for Church Leaders and Theological Students in Katlehong, which is a township 35km east of Johannesburg. The GCS team will be returning on Saturday to help lead two open-air evangelistic rallies.


It was a real pleasure this morning to minister to the students at Madibane High School in Soweto. The township has a multi-cultural mix of Zulu, Sotho, Tswana, Venda and Tsonga inhabitants. The level of discipline at Madibane High School was very high indeed. They all listened well, and the vast majority of the students thoughtfully indicated with raised hands that they wanted to make a commitment to Christ.

We will also be ministering at Namedi High School in Soweto, and then running a feeding and open air service at Joe Slovo squatter camp. We look forward to sharing the Gospel at YOUTH FEST 2018 this evening.

Sadly Namedi High School was closed due to township troubles, and so our team will make an early start to run the feeding and open air service at Joe Slovo squatter camp.

The GCS team and our South African partners had the tremendous honour to serve food and minister the Gospel to the residents at the Joe Slovo squatter-camp in South Johannesburg. Like many other informal settlements, it was named after former housing minister and Anti-Apartheid activist, Joe Slovo.



Our mission team had a very fruitful day in Katlehong, which is a township 35 km east of Johannesburg.

Using the GCS ‘Side-by-Side’ evangelism training we were able to demonstrate to local believers how to share the Gospel with complete strangers using a variety of methods and tools. Using different Gospel tracts, EvangeCubes, the South African flag, through conversations, and open-air preaching.

It was so encouraging to have such quick learners, courageous to roll their sleeves up and have a go. It wasn’t long before the whole team were sharing the Gospel and leading people to Christ on the streets. We shared the Gospel with many hundreds of people, and the team did their best to take down contact details of those who made decisions for Christ.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the lost souls who gave their lives to Christ, for the Christians that were trained and mobilised, and for the doors God is opening in South Africa – and we hope the impact of this training will last for generations to come.

Thank you to everyone standing with us and for your prayers for this mission.


Neil, Thom and Tony were truly honoured to lead church services this morning in Katlehong and Tsakane. It was a joy to end the day with a ‘Gospel Celebration’ at Mayfair Baptist Church attended by people from across the community, with many people making a commitment to Jesus.

What an incredible mission week. May God use His truth shared this week to transform many lives for eternity.


The team had the most amazing opportunity to minister today to marginalised and underprivileged students in Vaal Triangle, about 60 km south of Johannesburg.

When we first arrived at Beverly Hills High School we were turned away, due to miscommunication in planning. After a discussion with Principal Sammy Tsotetsi, the school granted us full access to make presentations to 20 classes of students.

Our team split up into groups to take back-to-back classes, where we were able to share testimonies and the Gospel.

Most of the students live in squatter camp communities, and we were warned about their unruly behaviour from those practicing witchcraft and substance abuse. A recent incident involved a teacher getting stabbed by a student. Despite this, the students sat quietly as we shared with them. So many of them were impacted by what we had to share, and allowed us to lead them through a prayer of salvation. Our South African partners will follow up the students in the coming weeks. THE LIGHT SHINES BRIGHTEST IN THE DARKNESS!


Please pray for our GCS Ministry Partners “World Hope Ministries” as they host the Prison EXPO 2018 in Krugersdorp (Gauteng Province, South Africa) throughout this week. This is a key event for Spiritual Care Workers, Stakeholders and Prison Workers, where Christian Service providers can exhibit there resources and network with one another for the cause of impacting the lives of prisoners.