Neil Obbard – Evangelist, Mission Leader

Neil Obbard is an engaging keynote speaker, who shares his gripping life-changing story with a wide range of audiences across the world.

Staff Sergeant Neil Obbard of the Adjutant General’s Corps had an extraordinary military career, having been deployed to Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq. Neil became an expert sniper who was engaged in special operations combat missions. He served a vital and enduring role on the battlefield, in terms of intelligence-gathering, target identification and eliminating high-value targets.

He was also attached to the SAS in a supporting role for combat missions at various times.

It was during his time in the armed forces that Neil gave is life to Christ. Today, Neil’s ministry focus is on sharing the Gospel and equipping Christians to share their faith. Neil and his wife live in the East Midlands, and they have two sons.


Published work: One Shot – One Kill – One Mission 

Description of One Shot:

One Shot, One Kill, One Mission is a powerful story of survival, hope and recovery from the cold face of war to the stark reality of post-traumatic stress disorder that became a problem far beyond the battlefield. Delving deep inside the life of an Army sniper.


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Melvyn Prior chats to Neil Obbard, about his new military biography on BBC Radio Lincolnshire
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