John Lawson – Evangelist, Mission Leader

John Lawson is a British born Christian Evangelist, who, in his former life was a violent criminal that gave his life to Christ in prison in 2005. Since his release from prison with a ‘new heart and a new spirit’ in Christ, John has gone on to share his new found faith with others.

Today, he is a full time UK based evangelist serving as an Evangelist and Mission Leader and trainer within the Great Commission Society. John is an experienced international speaker, addressing many thousands of people each year across the world.

His ministry is focused on sharing the Gospel and equipping Christians to share their faith.

John and his wife Carolyn live in South East England and they have six children, Daniel, Siobhan, Arran, Lewis, Mya and Brandon.


Published work: If A Wicked Man

Description of If A Wicked Man:

John Lawson was not a man to mess with. In Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and London’s Soho his fighting skills and courage made him a man with a reputation among the gangs and violent men running the clubs where drugs and prostitution were rife.

Riding with a Biker gang and graduating to ‘debt collecting’ for international racketeers his life was full of brutality and crime. It was only when serving his third jail sentence that he found the strength and the way to escape the prison of brutality that his life had become.

A remarkable story of one man’s escape from his past life as he determined to live a better one.


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