Amazing Obedience



The story of Noah – Genesis 6–7


Even in the most extreme conditions, Noah consistently demonstrated an amazing quality of obedience, persistence and diligence. With the exception of his immediate family:


  • No one in the world believed him.
  • Everyone in the world mocked him.
  • No one in the world confirmed a similar message from God.
  • No one in the world was sympathetic to his efforts.
  • Everyone in the world thought he was insane.
  • No one built boats so far away from water.
  • No one could imagine there could ever be enough water to drown all life.
  • No one could understand how Noah would get all the animals on board.
  • No one recognised his or her own wickedness.
  • No one could understand a God that had this opinion of sin’s penalty.
  • No one could believe a God of this sort of judgment.
  • No one could embrace a God this holy.


Even still, this man of God believed and trusted what God had told him for 120 years. Against all ‘common sense’ Noah went ahead in obedience to God and prepared an Ark to save his family and the creatures of the earth.


Keep on keeping on…

Tony Anthony

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