…a commission for us all

There was once a great hound that set about chasing a mighty stag. He pursued the stag down through valleys and glens undeterred by the speed and agility of the magnificent animal until, suddenly, a fox caught his eye. The fox ran off in the opposite direction to the stag and the hound immediately followed, now pursuing the brightly coloured creature as it darted through the ferns. But what was that? A badger suddenly appeared in the
undergrowth, instantly catching the hound’s attention. The chase was on, the badger ploughing through the scrub with the hound in hot pursuit until, suddenly, a mouse scurried across the hound’s path. In a flash the hound leapt at the tiny creature but the mouse was too quick. Determined not to let it get away, the hound pursued the mouse until it darted down a tiny mouse hole . . . and there the great hound was left, staring at the mouse hole.
Just like the hound, we are so easily distracted. Though we are commissioned to chase the great stag, many other, smaller things completely turn our attention. Barely realising, we take our eyes off the mighty prize we should be pursuing and end up chasing something far less valuable. A similar parable is of the young boy who is desperate to see the circus. He comes from a poor family and knows his parents will never afford a ticket when the circus comes to town, so he sets about working to earn the money for himself. He does all sorts of odd jobs, every day gazing longingly at the posters and anticipating the day when the circus will come. By the time the day arrives he has earned enough money and can barely contain his excitement as he hears the rumble of the trucks pulling into the town. Within moments there’s music, laughter, clapping and singing as people file into the streets to welcome the clowns, acrobats, dancers and circus trucks, all led by a marching band. Getting caught up in the crowd the boy squeals with excitement and claps and sings as he pushes himself to the front and gives his money to one of the clowns. Dashing home he is full of joy as he bursts in through the front door, ‘Mum, Dad, I saw it! I saw the circus and it’s amazing!’ His parents looked at each other in confusion. Then, realising, what had happened his father ruffled his son’s hair fondly. ‘No, son,’ he said, ‘you didn’t see the circus, what you saw was the parade.’
How often are we so caught up in the parade that we lose sight of the main event? As Christians we can be so enamoured with stories of great happenings – works of the Holy Spirit here, revival there, mass healings in that church, raising of the dead in another fellowship. Sometimes we dedicate our time and money to travel across the world in pursuit of a piece of the action, in Toronto, in Pensacola, in South Africa . . . when all the time the mighty stag waits for us at home. The Great Commission is given to all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a commission for us all, right where we are, every day and right now. This is the main event…
Keep on keeping on…
Tony Anthony
Passion © 2010