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Jesus’ mission was to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10). What greater mandate could He leave His followers than to continue His legacy? The scriptures that speak most clearly of this are undoubtedly those we have come to know as The Great Commission, yet throughout, the gospels sing of Jesus’ intention for His people.… Continue Reading

Matchstick Testimonies Armenia

  We have been honoured to teach our Foundation Course at a one week GCS School of Evangelism and Discipleship in Yerevan, Armenia. A highlight of the week focused on learning how to share a clear and concise testimony. Everyone had the chance to strike a match and practise sharing their own testimony, cut down to… Continue Reading


SAMPLE TESTIMONY: It’s great to look at examples of other people. Take a closer look at Paul’s testimony in Acts 21:37 to Acts 22:21. Paul generally divided his testimony into three parts: 1. Before (Acts 22:1-5) – He described what he thought and did before he became a believer. 2. How (Acts 22:6-11). – Paul… Continue Reading

A Lesson from Disney

A Lesson from Disney

When I answered the ‘phone, to say I was shocked would have been a huge understatement…and yet, I wasn’t entirely surprised.  At the end of the line was an exceptionally warm sounding voice, speaking to me as though I was at the centre of her world. The woman who had momentarily and gratifyingly shaken my… Continue Reading