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Priority Boarding

Anyone who has flown with the low cost airline Ryanair will know that customers that have purchased Priority Boarding are permitted to board first to avoid the long queues. Priority Boarding also guarantees your seat, along with a place for your hand luggage as there is limited storage in the overhead compartments. It is only… Continue Reading

Passing the Baton

  2 Timothy 4:1–8   Paul’s parting words to Timothy are a window to his heart.  He affords ‘preaching the word’ as the main responsibility. As far as Paul is concerned, his ultimate charge lies in the establishment of God’s kingdom, His judgment and the certainty of His return. This legacy is the baton passed… Continue Reading

The Seed

  Mark 4:26-29   This story told by Jesus illustrates what the kingdom of God is like. It begins with the seed because inherent in the seed is life. The farmer has to intentionally plant the seeds in the field and when the seeds are sown onto ready soil, they will germinate and sprout and… Continue Reading

Bread and Seeds

    2 Corinthians 9:6–15, Matthew 5:16 and Hebrews 13:16   These portions of Scripture talk about doing good in order to bring about a response of thanksgiving to God by those who received the blessings through our good works.   We read in Hebrews that God is well pleased with our sacrifices when we… Continue Reading

Scatter the Seed

  Mark 4:3–20; Matthew 13:31–33   Both of these passages reveal to us that the growth of God’s kingdom is gradual and mysterious. It doesn’t occur all at once. It also is beyond our comprehension. Furthermore, these passages stress the divine power of the seed, i.e. the ‘word of the kingdom’.   Jesus’ emphasis here is… Continue Reading


  Genesis 3:1–19, 23–24 and Matthew 4:1–11, 17   These passages depict two of the greatest temptation scenes recorded in Scripture.  Both also reveal and identify Satan as the ‘tempter’ who is sly, subtle and serious.   As we examine the way Satan tempted both Adam and Eve and then Jesus, we note that temptation… Continue Reading

Ignorance is not bliss!

  Acts 17:22-34   Ignorance is bliss, but a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing. This was certainly the case with the people in Athens. They were lovers of wisdom who had sincere inklings about the existence of God, as demonstrated by their religious actions of worship. Yet, at the same time, they were… Continue Reading


  Matthew 9:35–38   Verse 35 of Matthew chapter 9 summarizes the cycle of Jesus’ ministry of teaching, preaching and healing, recalling a similar summary statement in Matthew 4:23–25. The compassion of Jesus is a repeated theme in the Gospels. Not only does He show compassion but He also admonishes His followers to extend the… Continue Reading